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Knowing the online security and privacy challenges faced by South Asian ladies

Knowing the online security and privacy challenges faced by South Asian ladies

A major hurdle to their meaningful participation online is their ability to ensure their safety for south Asian women. This post illustrates this challenge by recounting the security and privacy challenges faced by ladies across India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, whom chatted to us about their online experiences. Overall, we discover that ladies in the face that is region dangers as a result of influence of patriarchal norms and because less women are online.

This post is a directory of the large-scale research led by Nithya our team carried out together with numerous universities across the world and groups at Bing. Its aim would be to understand better South Asian women’s lived experiences. It really is our hope that the outcomes helps to raised inform how exactly to design items that really allow sex equity on line for many individuals.

A thorough analysis of our research outcomes will come in our award-winning CHI’19 paper and Nithya’s award-winning SOUPS paper from this past year. We elect to emphasize the 2 documents together because they share numerous writers as well as the exact same pool of participants.

This post, after supplying a brief history, covers the next topics:

  • Unit privacy challenges: This area describes the privacy challenges faced by South women that are asian employing their smart phones.
  • Online security challenges: features the potential risks and punishment faced by South Asian ladies when making use of online solutions.
  • Design factors to advertise sex equity: When building services and products, features that mitigate the potential risks would assist in improving the security of South Asian females.


As an area, Southern Asia has one of many world’s populations— that is largestAsia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh alone are house to over 20% for the worldwide populace. The spot can also be one of many fastest-growing technology areas due to increased infrastructure and growing affordability. (more…)