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Guinea Pig Guidance be sure to BOY or GIRL?

Guinea Pig Guidance be sure to BOY or GIRL?

We will get a couple of guinea pigs on Friday and wish some advice on whether or not to get two girls or two guys.

We now have read on the web that men might have issues with their bottoms getting affected and needing their anal glands cleaning up (which we have been not interested in having to complete), have actually also read that boys could be more smelly because they have a tendency to mark their terrority their wee smells more powerful, additionally they can fight and attempt to take over one another, but which they additionally make smarter animals.

We pointed out this towards the breeder and stated that individuals had been interested in girls but she stated that guys are better animals as girls can bite and start to become grumpy at peak times (PMT like).

Can a person with any connection with piggies give me some advice please before we get and select some.

Many Many Thanks and sorry for the long post.

We’ve 3 females. they have been extremely friendly, lovable piggies. Great pets

We’ve had lots of guinea pigs through the years.

We’d state the men do have a tendency to make their cages a bit messier, though we have never really had some of the other dilemmas you mention, at all. The men, i believe, are much easier to tame while they are generally greedier and lazier.

We have had plenty of girls too and they’ve got made lovely pets since well, but perhaps slightly more inclined to be bitey or skittish. The few more difficult characters we’ve had have got all been girls!

Guinea pigs of either sex need a complete lot of cleaning up – they poo like nothing else in the world! When they smell, you are not doing it sufficient. I have never ever understood some of ours to smell, girls or males.

In balance, if I experienced to select two as being dog, without any connection with guinea pigs, We’d most likely choose males, since the docility and tameness would win for me personally.

our guys are prob braver and friendlier so maybe better suited as household animals altho girls are sweet and squeaky too. (more…)